Vecherniy Kiev
Vecherniy Kiev
2005 - 2016
an entertainment and humorous show
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Sergey Shefir, Boris Shefir, Andrey Yakovlev
Number of episodes
90-94 minutes
"Vecherniy Kiev is an unexpected entertainment show for the whole family, it is genuine emotions, unfeigned laugh, a variety of unexpected surprises and star pranks. The project aggregates a number of rubrics and diverse humorous elements. Anchors of the project Vladimir Zelenskiy and Valeriy Zhidkov invite as guests famous persons of the most diverse occupations: artists, athletes, businesspersons, politicians, architects, chess players… None of the guests knows in advance what this, seemingly, hospitable visit will lead them into. Nobody can predict the scenario of developments at the studio. There are also star pranks in the project. The heroes of the program are “involved” in the most unexpected situations. Known people become “victims” of the force majeure and, concurrently, very funny circumstances. It will not go in Vecherniy Kiev without, long familiar to and caught the fancy of the spectator, video works – parodies of known commercials, video clips, television programs."