The In-Laws
The In-Laws
a lyrical comedy
Directed by
Yuriy Morozov
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Andrey Yakovlev, Sergey Shefir, Boris Shefir
Fedor Dobronravov, Tatyana Kravchenko, Lyudmila Artemyeva, Anatoliy Vasilyev, Alexander Feklistov
Number of episodes
A young couple - Masha and Maxim Kovalev – are going on holiday to Italy. Their five-year-old daughter Zhenya is left under the care of grandparents: the parents of Masha (typical rural residents) and parents of Maxim (in contrast, the typical citizens). Using two very different pedagogical approaches, the two couples begin to compete for influence over their granddaughter. They are trying to win a girl over to their side with all the methods available. Together with their granddaughter our In-Laws have to go through a lot of adventures. But before the arrival of parents Zhenya suddenly disappears...