The other Sherlock
The other Sherlock
satirical comedy
Directed by
Kirill Bin
Vyacheslav Zubritskiy, Aleksandr Shchur
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Boris Shefir, Sergey Shefir, Andrey Yakovlev
Evgeniy Koshevoy, Yuriy Karpov, Stepan Kazanin, Anatol Fon Filandra, Aleksandr Pikalov, Elena Kravets, Igor Gnezdilov, Alyona Alymova
Number of episodes
24-25 minutes
"Episodes: 12 Chronometry: 24-25 minutes “The other Sherlock” is a comedy TV series and modernized version of classic detective story of Arthur Conan Doyle “Sherlock Holmes” in combination with popular British TV series “Sherlock”. The main emphasis of the movie is made on specific humor, such as gags, buffoonery and numerous pranks on each other, performed by the movie characters. In this version of the story, Sherlock Holmes depicted as a cynical and unscrupulous detective, who constantly uses his deductive reasoning while solving criminal cases as well as in his daily routine. Even though he pays attention to the smallest details, eventually he comes to wrong conclusions, but the weird thing is that fairly often his method works! Sherlock is assisted by Dr. Watson, who regularly becomes an object of Sherlock's jokes, but still helps him implicitly. Both men reside in the house of an aging and hyper-sexual lady, Mrs. Hudson, who only bothers about her money and often untimely recalls her late husband's favorite quotes, such as: “Even if you are in debt, there is no need to pay it as soon as you can – your whole life is ahead of you...” Professor Moriarty, Sherkock's archenemy, is a sociopath and maniac, hates Holmes because of his resemblance with Moriarty's brutal and autocratic grandfather. Moriarty also has an assistant, frenchman Moran – malicious and luckless killer. While helping his friend, Dr. Watson gets into relationships and then marries a girl, named Mary, and Sherlock often gets in the way of the couple's happiness. Sherlock's remarkable “deductive reasoning” is well-payed and in great demand by many people, starting from dishonest police inspector of Scotland Yard Lestrade, Head of “MI6” Mycroft – arrogant brother of Sherlock, and the royals, including the queen. Although Holmes is always happy to help, his assistance, most of the times, makes more harm than good..."