The In-Laws 6
The In-Laws 6
a lyrical comedy
Directed by
Andrey Yakovlev
Andrey Yakovlev, Alexei Zhilenkov, Yuriy Mikulenko, Timofey Sayenko, Yuriy Poymanov
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Andrey Yakovlev, Sergey Shefir, Boris Shefir
Fedor Dobronravov, Tatyana Kravchenko, Lyudmila Artemyeva, Alexander Feklistov, Olesya Zheleznyak, Nikolai Dobrynin, Anna Koshmal, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Alexander Ignatusha and others
Number of episodes
48-50 min
In the sixth season of the The In-Laws the audience is again in for the incredible amount of most unexpected adventures of favorite characters. But for the first time we will live with the family of Bud'ko-Kovalevy-Berkovichi not only during a short summer vacation, but the whole year. The In-Laws with their grandchildren will have time to congratulate their women on the 8th of March (International Women Day), "work hard" in the farm on planting-watering- harvesting seasons and send Zhenya to the University, of course, not forgetting the quarrel to the nines. They will congratulate the veterans on 9th of May (Victory Day), survive with Mityay all the difficulties of Larissa’s pregnancy. They will celebrate the anniversary of Ivan that luckily coincidences with Police Day. The family of Bud'ko-Kovalevy-Berkovichi will visit the ""Euro -2012"", take a ride on a cruise ship on the Volga river, visit Paris, detain a fugitive, save the harvest for the country and the country of bureaucracy, organize Berkovich's wedding, and pay a visit to the past! And, of course, they will celebrate the New Year! The series fans will pass through the family teambuilding, plunge into a mystical horror, melodrama, experience all the vicissitudes of a thriller, and will live a production drama... And all this is spiced with a unique The In-Laws’s humour!