Game of Jokes (Country U)
Game of Jokes (Country U)
since 2013
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Sergey Shefir, Boris Shefir, Andrey Chivurin
Number of episodes
4 x 40-60 episodes
26 minutes
Country U is a sketchcom about the life of people in different regions of Ukraine, the "U" means Ukraine. We differ from each other: in the West, the East, the South and Center of Ukraine. But we are united by common everyday problems. The most important thing is that we are able to kindly laugh at ourselves! In Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Ternopil, Mykolayiv, Odessa, Poltava, in the Crimea and Makeyevka. For example, in Ukraine's capital city live the civil clerk Mikhail and his son, dandy. The clerk takes bribes in suitcases, but each time he has to say goodbye to them to hush up multiple scandals associated with his skampish son. Everything is just like in reality… In Dnepropetrovsk lives a couple of Igor and Lena, who are constantly sorting the things out. But despite their quarrels they can't live without each other. From time to time Lena's mother from Pavlograd visits them. And it is an occasion for new funny stories ... In the heart of Western Ukraine, Ternopil, lives a modern Ukrainian girl Tanya, whose boyfriend Volod'ka lives nearby in a village. What unites this couple? However, they regularly visit each other trying to erase the distinction between town and country...