Once upon a time in Odessa
Once upon a time in Odessa
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Naum Barulja, Sergey Shefir, Borys Shefir, Andrey Yakovlev, Andrey Chivurin
Sergey Sereda, Aleksandr Stankevich, Grigoriy Gushchin, Levon Nazinyan, Anastasiya Kochetova
Number of episodes
24-26 min
“Once upon a time in Odessa” is a sitcom that follows the lives of four young fellows Kostya, Shura, Grisha and Leva, who live in the city of Odessa. They make a quick buck, but dream about making big money with little effort. On the way to the dream, guys get into multiple funny and ridiculous situations. One day they meet beautiful, yet principled girl named Anna, a rich man daughter, who strives to become a student of the local University and can't wait to start living on her own. The four friends become attracted to the girl and from now on they start competing against each other for her attention. The whole story is commented by Grisha's mom, Mrs. Tsylia, involving exclusive Odessa-style humor.