Mityay’s Tales
Mityay’s Tales
February 2012 года
lyrical comedy
Directed by
Аleksey Kiryushchenko
Andrey Yakovlev, Andrey Ilkov, Aleksey Zhuk, Andrey Nesterov, Andrey Avseyushkin, Aleksandr Bragin, Yuriy Poymanov, Timofey Saenko, Yuriy Mikulenko, Dmitriy Kozlov, Yuriy Kostyuk, Dmitriy Grigorenko, Mikhail Savin
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Boris Shefir, Sergey Shefir, Andrey Yakovlev
Nikolay Dobrynin
Number of episodes
20 series
26 min
Mityay's Tales is a collection of funny stories based on the series "The In-Laws", it’s a spin-off of the Kvartal 95 hit. Careless neighbor of a large family, who first appeared in the third season of the folk epic, now becomes the main character. Mitya is sometimes flabby, sometimes lazy, but still very good and positive character - an incorrigible optimist and romantic, but restless dreamer and a great storyteller. Whenever he is struck in various everyday situations, Mityay in order to get out of the situation tells the story of his life, or the fable, to the companion. It turns out that Mityay has served in the secret army, was Brezhnev's personal driver, flew to the moon before the Americans, invented the first radio, saved the life of Gorbachev, and so on. It is your decision whether to believe it or not. But Mitya swears it is true.