Looking for a Wife with a Child
Looking for a Wife with a Child
July-October 2013
a lyrical comedy
Directed by
Aleksey Kiryushchenko
Aleksey Kiryushchenko, Andrey Yakovlev, Aleksey Zhilenkov, Dmitriy Grigorenko, Yuriy Kostyuk, Andrey Ilkov, Aleksey Zhuk, Andrey Nesterov
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Andrey Yakovlev, Sergey Shefir, Boris Shefir
Olga Medynich (Lada), Mariya Gorban (Vera), Oleg Mazurov (Igor), Sergey Burunov (Boris), Sofiya Stetsenko (Svetka, Igor’s daughter), Kostya Chernokrylyuk (Sashka, Lada’s son)
Number of episodes
48-50 min
"Our film story starts in Moscow. People in the Capital fall in love, get married… then fall in love again and thus get divorced to merry again – and all this moves at a mad pace! And though the say that all happy people are alike, and each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way – the miseries of our characters are very alike: The preceding wife went from successful businessman Igor Makarov to another man, and his present wife Vera has fallen for pet shop owner Boris Kuzin. But Igor does not know about her cheating yet. And flower shop saleswoman Lada Kalinina had also time to get divorced from her first husband, and threw the second one having known about his cheating. The first meeting of our characters has not become happy too – Lada’s nearly got under the wheels of an Igor’s car. But right from this moment on, the destiny has made a sharp turn! Torrid lovers – Boris and Vera – decided to make their romance also a resort one! And Vera lied to her husband that she leaves for a vacation in Yalta with her (female) friend astrologist Karina. But Igor has suddenly chosen to leave together with his wife! Saving the situation, Boris has invited his neighbor and former classmate Lada to act as a mythic friend. She would never consent to this affaire but vocal sacking and disease of her son Sasha made her participate in this spectacle! And now, dusty decorations of the Capital have been replaced by bright landscapes of Crimea!! But the scenario of cheating cannot, anyhow, come true! Lada has to play an Elite Astrologist, or play a role of a Borya’s wife, or pretend to be a Vera’s friend! She likes it less and less! And a lovers’ resort romance becomes more and more like a resort anecdote – some force stoutly does not let them stay alone! What this love quadrangle will end up with, when the whole deception comes out, and who will be destined to create their family happiness – you will know as you watch this story to the end. "