Girls Talk
Girls Talk
a lyrical comedy
Directed by
Alexey Kiryushchenko
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Andrey Yakovlev, Sergey Shefir, Boris Shefir
Number of episodes
48-50 min
In the provincial town Semiozyorsk lives a Kuznetsovy family: Olesya (21), her mother Elena (45 years) and Grandmother Iraida Stepanovna (65). Our heroines are of different age, character and life priorities, but all of them, apart from family ties, are united by a lack of personal female happiness. Iraida Stepanovna's husband died long ago. Husband of Helen - the father of Olesya - left the family ten years ago, and Helen has never been married again. Only Olesya has a boyfriend - Nikita Red'ka (25 years), but Olesya hides his existence. Nikita is the reason for changes in that well-established way of life in the Kuznetsov family. Olesya invites Nikita home and announces to mother and grandmother that they will live together. Elena is terrified. She does not like Nikita and she begins to make him leave the apartment. Olesya joins forces with grandmother, trying to convince the mother that the man in the house is a rather good idea. However, all their efforts will be useless until to both Elena Nikolaevna and Iraida will not happen what they would not ever expect themselves - until they fall in love.

A Yelena’s choice will be an Oledya’s teacher. And, two men at once will compete “for a hand and a heart” of Iraida Stepanovna – her accompanist, enamored of her for long and a new chief staff officer, a real retired colonel. A conflict between three main heroes will lead to that at some moment they will decide to swap the apartment and separate. But no matter how they quarrel, how different they are, they are one family and it is much better for them to be together than apart.