2011 – 2016
comedy game show
Produced by
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Sergey Shefir, Boris Shefir, Andrey Yakovlev
Vladimir Zelenskiy, Evgeniy Koshevoy, Igor Lastochkin
Number of episodes
45 minutes
A format is invented and produced by Kvartal 95. A format is successfully sold to many countries, including China, Vietnam, Belgium, Australia, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Netherlands.

Crack Them Up is an entertaining comic program, where everybody with good sense of humor and artistry has an opportunity to earn good money.
Two acclaimed and popular comedians, who made audiences of many thousands laugh
not once and not twice, are ready to pay to a person making them laugh or at least cause them smile.
The contestant’s main aim is during a short performance to crack up at least one (or both) of jurors. Each participant has 1 minute. Jury`s close-ups are displayed on a separate screen. If the contestant made the comic laugh then he/she has to decide, whether to go to the next round for a bigger prize or to collect the earnings and leave. If in the next round participant doesn`t manage to make jurors smile, he or she will lose all the earnings. Each participant has an opportunity to perform in 5 rounds.

A participant can joke, do pantomimes, acting miniatures or just stand on his head waving his ears. There`s no strict rules or limits. You crack them up – you get money.