Claim to Meladze
Claim to Meladze
musical reality show
Number of episodes
90 minutes
Production: Kvartal 95 and Gaudi Studio, 2014 Hosts: Igor Vernik and Vera Brezhneva In the show “Claim to Meladze” ordinary but talented boys become superstars. Their status, age and appearance do not matter. Talent, fortune and public favor are far more important. The most successful CIS producer Konstantin Meladze forms a boys band and will produce and promote it in future. Hundreds of boys are fighting for their place in the band; they are to compete in solo and team performances. Each group has a mentor from jury, together they choose repertoire and work on a scenic image. Only two best boys bands get to the final stage. Winners will be chosen by viewers’ voting. A band, which collects a majority of votes, signs a contract with producer. Format is sold to a number of countries, including China.