Lyrical comedy from Kvartal 95 became the leader of television watching by audience 18-54 (50+)
13 December 2019

The 16-episodes series has become a great success on Ukrainian TV. With average rating of 6.5% and average share of 22.92% (commercial audience 18-54 (cities 50+)) it proved to be not only the best product of December but the best TV series of 2019! The ninth episode has demonstrated the maximum results: rating - 7.9%, share - 26.08%. In total, 11.4 million viewers watched SUGAR DADDY on “1 + 1” TV channel (total coverage by audience 4+ (all of Ukraine)).

The series is produced by Kvartal 95 and directed by Andriy Yakovlev – the director of many of Kvartal’s series including the mega-popular THE-IN-LAWS. The main roles are played by the leading Ukrainian actor Stanislav Boklan and Daria Petrozhitskaya – young but very talented Ukrainian actress who already became a star after this role.

At the same time with TV the lyrical comedy was available on Kvartal 95 YouTube channel. In 12 days SUGAR DADDY gathered a total of nearly 21 million views. The series collected an unprecedented amount of positive feedbacks and comments on YouTube and other social networks (Facebook, Instagram). Positive reviews accounted for almost 100% of the total number of comments. Negative comments centered around the small timing of each episode.

After the final episode Internet users did not hold back their emotions. Many frankly admitted that they could not hold back their tears and called SUGAR DADDY the best series of the year. Viewers are eagerly asking the film producers for the new season of a moving film story.

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