"The In-Laws" (“Svaty”) again hits the top three most popular comedy TV series of the world
31 May 2017

The series produced by Kvartal 95 competes with famous hits produced by the US Majors – “Big Bang Theory” and “Modern Family”. The winner will be announced at the Awards ceremony in Monaco on 20th of June.

The International TV Audiences Awards are bestowed to the TV series with the highest audience ratings, according to the data provided by Eurodata TV Worldwide, leader in media research. Winners are selected among the fifteen best-imported fiction programs in 66 countries, i.e. almost 3 billion potential viewers.

"The In-Laws "  is a warm-hearted series with comedy plot twists about family relations. The main storyline starts from a granddaughter and her grandparents from both sides, with different attitudes towards raising children and develops into funny yet kind story following one big united family with different characters and lifestyles members, over years. And throughout all seasons there lies a conflict between ‘urban’ pair of grandparents on one side and ‘villagers’ grandparents on the other side.

According to a number of European experts "The In-Laws "  became a breakthrough for the television industry not only in Ukraine, but also in Central and Eastern Europe. This is the only series from these territories which was nominated in this category four times (!)- in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017.


Television Festival in Monte Carlo is considered one of the most prestigious and influential television festival in Europe. It was founded in 1961. The event program includes the premiere non-competition and competition screenings, as well as conferences and seminars. The Golden Nymph Awards are among the most prestigious prizes in international television, rewarding the best TV programs and actors.