25 January 2017

Folks - 8-episodes TV series was purchased by the TV channels in  Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In Kazakhstan, the series Folks will come out on KTK, one of the largest commercial television channels with the national broadcasting network; in Belarus - the central channel "Belarus 1". In Baltic countries - Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania she series produced by Kvartal 95 will be broadcasted by Channel "3+" and LNT.

In Ukraine, the series was released in March 2016 on"1 + 1" channel. The producers are Vladimir Zelenskiy, Sergei Shefir Boris Shefir and Andrey Yakovlev, who also was the director and co-author of the series script.

The same creative team worked on The In-Laws series that had an unprecedented success in Ukraine and in the international market. In 2012-2014 the series was nominated in in Monte Carlo Television festival as the series viewed by the largest audience on five continents, reaching the top three positions in the comedy category along with the Desperate Housewives and The Big Bang Theory. 

The main roles in Folks were performed by Ukrainian actors Vera Kobzar, Ekaterina Kisten, Vitaly Ivanenko, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Victor Saraykin. The head of the family was played by Alexander Feklistov, and the role of the brothers Igor and Dmitry - Dmitry Surzhikov and Jemal Tetruashvili.

Mikhail Voropayev is a respected retired man. He lives alone in his country house where a while ago lived his whole big family: his wife, the eldest daughter Lucy, middle son Igor and the youngest son Sergey. Mikhail’s wife passed away ten years ago and his children had left the family nest long time before.

One day both sons with their wives come to see their dad for his 67-th Birthday. At the party Mikhail accidentally finds out that two brothers have been at odds with each other for a long time already, pretending good relationship for their father’s sake. Through tricks and cunnings Mikhail keeps his negligent sons together at the family mansion, tries to figure out the cause of their conflict and struggles to reconcile them by any means (sometimes extraordinary ones). And at the same time to understand whether it is his fault.