Real stories of five people whose lives were completely changed by war
7 April 2017

Even the professional creators of humor do not live solely by comedy projects. The tragic events taking place in recent years in eastern Ukraine were reflected in a new documentary created by Alexander Bragin, one of the authors and scriptwriters of Kvartal 95 (co-author of the script for "The In-Laws", "Servant of the People," Love in the Big City "). The name of the film is "At the Sight of Happiness". The director of "The In-Laws" and one of the leaders of Kvartal Andrey Yakovlev (who himself is a native of Lugansk) also was involved in creating of this non-commercial movie. For Alexander Bragin this film became a directorial debut.

The documentary is a 50 minutes story about five former Lugansk citizens with diverse interests and destinies, different attitudes and points of view. When the war came to their homes they had to leave their town and start new lives in other cities, learn different professions, open new businesses. The interviews with them became the basis of the plot.

According to the authors, the idea of making a film about immigrants did not arise from scratch - this problem affected themselves, many of their friends and relatives also had to start a new life when a war came to their homes.

"We made this movie to support those who face psychological, financial, domestic and other difficulties. That’s why we tried to make our story bright, giving hope and motivating. It has drama elements, not without it, but in general the stories are positive. After all, life goes on. In addition our film is a reason to think again for those who stayed in Lugansk, "says the author of the project Alexander Bragin.

As soundtracks in the film the songs from popular Ukrainian bands ("Tartak", "Perkalaba") were used. The musicians gave their agreements for using the soundtrack absolutely free of charge.

According to the film's authors they plan to show the film not only in Kiev, but also in other cities of the country. The first non-commercial screening of the film will be held in Kiev at the Kinopanorama cinema on April 8.