Adventures of the curious WhyFly little viewers will watch on YouTube channel
16 February 2018

Kvartal 95 and 95 Animation Studio launch animation YouTube channel for the youngest viewers. The first product presented will be WhyFly – animated series for pre-schools.

Parents hear countless "why" from their children every day. And it’s not always easy to answer them. A curious little fly WhyFly and her mum come to the rescue!  The youngest viewers together with WhyFly will learn many new things and find out how they work.

Educational kind and funny cartoons will tell the kids how the world works. Where does the rainbow come from? Why water is wet and can put out the fire? Why does an elephant have a trunk? Why the sea is blue but the water is transparent? Why should I brush my teeth?

The first season will consist of 50 episodes, 3 minutes each. WhyFly will speak 3 languages – Ukrainian, Russian and English. The director of the project is Yana Antonets who is already working on another Kvartal’s animated series - Zhuzha, the scriptwriter - Veniamin Vegerychuk – the author of the idea and scripts of WhyFly.

"We are very happy that our animation studio has started creating the content for kids. Our previous projects – political parodies ‘Fairytale Land’, ‘Multi Barbara’,  cartoon remake of TV series ‘The In-laws’ –  were initially aimed at the adult audience although they are loved by the viewers of all ages. But creation of cartoons for children is a completely different story - kind, warm, positive. And now our studio is already working on several projects - both full-length and series,"- says Vladimir Zelenskiy, co-owner and creative producer of Kvartal 95.

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