The hit comedy series Servant of the People has been optioned for a French remake by Elephant Story in Paris, the original series will air on HQ Plus in Korea this fall and Star Channel in Greece will create their own version of the political comedy
18 September 2017

The deals were concluded by Eccho Rights, Kvartal’s long-time partner in distributing the series worldwide. Previously the distributor secured the deals with Fox Studios for the remake rights in the US and with Netflix for the readymade product, where the series already won many positive reviews after its launch on the world's leading Internet television network earlier this year.

In Korea, the series will air on HQ Plus as the first ever foreign content for the channel. A channel dedicated to themes of happiness and family, the political comedy of Servant of the People will add a new twist to the schedule when it airs in November.

The story of an ordinary school teacher who unsuspectingly becomes voted president of the country has proved a huge hit in Eastern Europe with many millions of viewers for its official uploads on Youtube. The original series was also sold to Estonia, Moldova and Kazakhstan. 

Following the successful 1st season Kvartal 95 released the movie Servant of the People 2 that became one of the box office leaders in Ukraine in 2016 and currently the 2nd season of the series is in production to be aired on 1+1 this autumn (premier 23 October).


Vladimir Zelenskiy, co-founder and creative producer of Kvartal 95 comments: "These deals are the latest examples of the enormous buzz generated in the international marketplace by this product. The format is universal and understandable to people from all over the world. We are really happy and hope that the Servant on his bike will conquer the whole world".

“Servant of the People is a hilarious series but also a very relevant story for people all over the world. As political shifts are increasingly dictated by what people see on the internet, so the story becomes more and more relatable, and close to the reality that many of us are now living in!” says Nicola Söderlund, Managing Partner at Eccho Rights.