This week the new comic project "Crack Them Up. Kids” was filmed. Young participants will earn a substantial sum of money if they  crack up jurors – Vladimir Zelenskiy and Evgeny Koshevoy
24 February 2016
Talented, artistic children from 5 to 13 years old take part in the program. Their aim is during the limited time (1 minute) to perform with any speech of original genre (a sketch, acting miniature, monologue, pantomime, funny poem, song and so on), which is to make smile at least one of two comedians, Vladimir Zelensky and Evreny Koshevoy. Separate cameras fix the reaction of both judges. Their close-ups during children's performances are displayed on separate screens. A charming Host, popular singer Nastya Kamenskih, who is watching the jurors, sincerely sympathizes with our young participants and roots for them. The only jury's aim is not to laugh. If one of judges (or both) smiles, a participant will get a cash fee (or a prize) for the first round. After that he or she has to choose, whether to go to the next round and get an opportunity to receive much more or not to participate but to collect the earnings. If in the next round participant doesn't manage to make jurors smile, he or she will lose all the earnings. Each participant has an opportunity to perform in 5 rounds. Or to abandon the struggle not during the performance but after any round. The Host constantly reminds about that. She also explains the rules to each new participant. Our young participants consist of childish behavior and sincere emotions. They often lisp in a hilarious way, do not pronounce some letters, perform unconventionally or do unexpected things, so that they can disarm not only the experienced comedians but the audience in the studio, which reacts actively. The audience in the studio, especially parents and friends of participants, loudly support children, laugh and applaud stunts, they emphasize dropouts and advice whether to continue or to abandon further struggle. The structure of each episode includes diaries about our young participants with stories about them, their families, hobbies and talents, and the brightest moments of project's casting. Starting from beginning of April the new format of entertaining comic show Crack Them Up. Kids will be aired on "1+1 "TV channel.