Guys is a story of young mobsters, boys from back street of Zaporozhye city, who have decided to leave behind shallow provincial criminal world and pursue a career in showbiz world in the capital’s bright lights
9 February 2016
After the grand furor of their video on YouTube (312 views), the gang leader Rusik buys a camcorder. After visiting Kiev few times and "sniffing" the local show business, he decides to become a part of this industry. He will shoot sketches and strive for broadcasting time on the central TV channels. This decision completely overturns the world of Rusik and his gang. Crime and ideas like ripping off local minimarket fall into oblivion. Now they have a goal to break into show business! And then to become rich and famous and leave their miserable lives in province. The gang is obsessed with the idea, so they begin to read, improve themselves and enrich their outlook. Guys are desperately trying to find a producer, but it's not so easy. On their way they come across a lot of media stars, meet dangerous enemies, recall the past, forge the future and strongly believe that their luck is just around the corner. This story is told by unknown, who tells it to a detective as "frank confession." Most interesting is that neither the detective nor the audience, neither the Guys know until the end of the season, who is this "someone". The series "Guys" is based "almost on a true story." These guys really do exist and they are well familiar to the public under the guise of comedy "band" "Zainka", which has long won YouTube. Ringleader of "Guys" is Ruslan Hanumak aka "Rusik". In his faithful band there are Vitaliy Goncharenko ( "Vitos"), Victor Ivanitskii ( "Vic"), Andrey Kolyada ( "Kolyada"), Dmitry Kovalev ( "Koval"), Andrey Zrozhevsky ( "Andryuha") and Eldar Kabirov ( "Isolde "). Lyrical heroes of this series will help the viewers to believe in themselves and to prove to the world that even the most seemingly bad guys can find the strength to strive for dreams and achieve their goals in life. "Guys" Genre: Comedy A number of episodes: 12 Timing: 40-45 min. Production: Studio "Kvartal 95" Director: Denis Tarasov Producers: Alexander Bogucki, Boris Shefir Screenwriters: Vlad Baydun, Ruslan Hanumak, Eldar Kabirov Cast: Andrey Zrozhevsky, Ruslan Hanumak, Andrey Kolyada, Dmitry Koval, Victor Ivanitskii, Vitaliy Goncharenko