Festival MADE IN UKRAINA organized by Kvartal 95 in Latvia from 21 to 24 of July 2016 made a stir
28 July 2016

Festival MADE IN UKRAINA organized by Kvartal 95 in Latvia from 21 to 24 of July 2016 made a stir. In Riga, in a quiet respectable Jurmala, as well as in Ukraine. In Riga the opening concert on July 21 was attended by thousands of citizens and guests of the capital. People made photographs with Ukrainian artists, immediately posting and commenting them on social networks.

Jurmala thundered from morning until late. In the morning in a famous Dzintari concert hall were sound check and rehearsals. During the daytime - concerts of Ukrainian stars, show with Ukrainian ethnic costumes, master classes and a fair in the central Jomas Street (by the way, "youma" is a very beautiful word, in the Latvian language it means "the wave on the sand formed by sea breeze”). In the evening the main concerts were held in Dzintari and incendiary afterparty at the restaurant "Estrada".

So  Ukrainians in Latvia were bright, noisy and brought a lot of fun.

The festival that promoted Ukraine to the world caused a great resonance among journalists - in the Baltic States and abroad, and in Ukraine.

Here are only a few publications about the festival MADE IN UKRAINA from popular media resources:

Ukrainian media

1. Freedom Radіo
In Latvia festival of Ukrainian humor MADE IN UKRAINA takes place instead of “New Wave”

2. KP in Ukraine
Vladimir Zelensky: "Communicating with the Europeans, we realized that the good jokes have no borders”

3. Glavred
Thousands of spectators came to see Zelensky, Ruslana and Tina Karol in Riga

4. Tabloid
Zelenskiy collected Dzhamala, Karol, Potap and Ruslana to laugh out loud in Jurmala.

5. Viva
Exclusive of Jurmala: Ukrainian celebrities at the festival by "Kvartal 95"

6. Facts
Ruslana: "I did not expect that, after 12 years of existence, the song" Wild Dances "will cause crazy applause of the audience"
In Jurmala was successfully held the first festival "Made in Ukraine"

7. Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine
In Latvia took place a festival of Ukrainian humor and music Made in Ukraina

8. Segodnya
"Yanukovich" in Jurmala panhandled currency

9. Dusia
MadeinUkraina festival cheer Jurmala and deprived sanity Russian media

10. Jetsetter
Ukrainian Festival in Jurmala
Studio "Kvartal 95" held a large-scale festival Made in Ukraina. For four days, residents and guests of Latvia were able to get acquainted with Ukrainian humor, music and culture.

11. MEDIA Business
Made in Ukraina was held in Latvia

12. Channel 5.  Site Noviny|
In Latvia instead of “New Wave” was held the festival of Ukrainian humor MADE IN UKRAINA

13. Ivona Bigmir.net
In Latvia took place a festival of Ukrainian humor and music Made in Ukraina
In Latvia on July, 24 ended up the first festival of Ukrainian humor and music Made in Ukraina, organized by Studio Kvartal 95.

14. Browser
Made in Ukraina: exclusive behind the scenes photos from the festival in Jurmala

15. Ukrinform
Made in Ukraina Festival finished in Latvia

Ukrainian Festival in Latvia

17. Gloss.ua
In Latvia took place a festival of Ukrainian humor and music Made in Ukraina

18. TV.i.ua
In Latvia was held a festival of Ukrainian humor and music Made in Ukraina

19. Gromadske
The first Festival «Made in Ukraina»: Ukrainian music and humor in Latvia

20. Era Medіa
In Latvіa was held «MadeinUkraina» instead of music Festival "New Wave"

21. Patrіoti Ukrainy
Isread of  "New Wave": Residents and guests of Jurmala will have fun at the festival "Made in Ukraina"

22. Vesti
Ukrainians conquered Latvia with the festival "Made in Ukraina"

23. Glamurchik
In Latvia was held a festival of Ukrainian humor and music Made in Ukraina

24. TSN: Borsch and spectacle:

25. TSN: MADE IN UKRAINA in Latvia finishes with full house and Ukrainian flags http://ru.tsn.ua/video/video-novini/anshlagom-i-s-ukrainskimi-flagami-zakanchivaetsya-made-in-ukraina-v-latvii.html

And these are just some of the comments in the Latvian media:

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