22 July 2016
Yesterday, July 21, in the historic heart of Riga Town in the City Hall Square near the City Council was held a major concert - the opening of the Festival of humor and music Made in Ukraina, organized by Kvartal 95.
It was the first time such a huge Ukrainian festival was organized in the European Union. Four days in a row, from 21 to 24 July, Kvartal 95 will show to the residents and guests of Latvia the best of its "Vecherniy Kvartal" show, "Humour Cup" and a music concert "Yurmaleto".
A huge stage specially brought by Kvartal team was set at the City Hall Square among ancient buildings of the capital of Latvia. More than one hundred tons of equipment - metal structures, screens, light and sound equipment was delivered in three wagon-trucks from Ukraine. Installation of the scene started the day before the event, steering a great interest among the citizens and guests of the capital.
In the afternoon before the concert the final works were carried out by the sound setup and video broadcast specialists, and performers at their soundchecks were making their songs sound perfect. At this time the actors of Kvartal 95 were rehearsing their new "Vecherniy Kvartal" program in Jurmala.
The concert start was scheduled for 19:00. Few hours before that people started gathering at the City Hall Square, securing the best places in front of the stage. By the beginning of the concert the entire area was filled with people. The Hosts - Vladimir Zelenskiy and Yevgeniy Koshevoy – welcomed the audience of Made in Ukraina festival in Latvian and Ukrainian languages. Their co-Hosts later in the concert were other actors of Kvartal 95 - Stepan Kazanin, Yuriy Krapov and Alexander Pikalov.

The musical part of the concert was opened by Ruslana, the winner of Eurovision 2004. The whole square filled with thousands of people danced to her "Wild Dances" that already have conquered Europe once. After her followed another mega-popular team - "Vremya I Steklo”. To their songs released on the Internet and famous far beyond Ukraine sang all the spectators - from small to large and danced even conservative older Latvians.
Another performer of the concert - outrageous Superblond Olya Polyakova - conquered the audience with her bright costume show. Tina Karol, for who the Latvian scene at the time became fateful, performed with her best lyrical songs. Grateful public greeted the Ukrainian singer with standing ovations. The comedy part of the festival was presented the famous Humour Cup teams - "Odessa Mansy" and "Dnepr".
The concert was concluded by Potap and his team Mozgi. Their tracks, drive and bright performance conquered the audience. The whole square danced to the rhythm of the music of the Ukrainian stars.
However this is just the beginning. The festival continues in Jurmala. 22, 23 and 24 of July will be held three large concert - "Vecherniy Kartal. The Best", "Humour Cup” and "Yurmaleto" - a concert of Ukrainian stars. And also - parties, sports activities on the beach and a unique Ukrainian ethno-market on the main street Jomas.