Twice a year - in spring and autumn - Cannes become a hive of media people from all over the world: producers, distributors, broadcasters and online platforms
24 October 2016
Twice a year - in spring and autumn - Cannes become a hive of media people from all over the world: producers, distributors, broadcasters and online platforms. The largest world media content market, autumn MIPCOM 2016 is a four-day marathon full of meetings, negotiations, agreements, memorandums, business lunches and dinners, parties and wine. "Business at MIP is impossible without a rose" – joke the experienced participants. 
At this year's MIPCOM about 13 thousand participants gathered from all around the world: hundreds of exhibitors’ stands in the Palais des Festivals, large pavilions of Majors on the Croisette and buyers, broadcasters, agents and visitors. Official country of honor this year was Japan, a country with its own unique culture, traditions and characteristics. A separate screening section was devoted to Japanese TV formats. 

If we talk about trends, animation is still in great favor. For children, for family audience, full-length, TV series and games. Interest in animation projects has been constantly high for several years now. MIPCOM is traditionally preceded by MIPJunior, entirely dedicated to media content for children. But during MIPCOM the animation is still one of the most popular genres. 

As for the formats, the trends shifted from big talent shows and trash formats that aim to shock the audience more into conflict shows with accent on various psychological problems - the relationship between people in the family, between friends, love relations. Another interesting development - a mix of genres: dating show mixed with dancing, travel - with culinary and so on.

Series screening also demonstrated a lot of quality projects from different countries. And the same feature - a mix of genres. Comedy is in trend. And as before, there is a demand for drama, crime stories.

Three Ukrainian companies were presented with their own stands, including Kvartal 95, and all main Ukrainian broadcasters, online TV platforms, prodcos were registered as visitors. Among the most discussed news from the Ukrainian companies were ‘Servant of the People’ success in the US with remake rights sold to Fox Studios and sale of readymade original to Netflix as well as the adoption of new legislation on state support for the cinema & media industry including the tax rebate for international coproduction.
During MIPCOM also was announced the next successful step for Kvartal 95’s ‘Crack Them Up’ format, in its conquering the world. Next year it will be broadcasted in Finland, now the show is in its preproduction stage. Also now ‘The In-Laws’ series has its Estonian version and the show is on air on TV3. Kvartal’s flagman evening entertaining shows Vecherniy Kvartal (Evening Kvartal) and Vecheriniy Kiev (Evening Kiev) are broadcasted on Kazakh Channel 7. Animation projects from Kvartal – feature films ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Gulliver Returns’ and educational animation series for preschools ‘Zhuzha’ aroused  great interest from international partners. 

So, traditionally in Cannes this year there were many meetings, preliminary agreements and investigating the world trends. But it is too early to tell all the details yet).