Kvartal 95 and 1 + 1 Media declares launching a new joint project - satellite channel Kvartal TV. This project will be implemented in a multi-year strategic partnership. Running the channel is scheduled for August 2016.
21 June 2016
Studio Kvartal 95 and 1 + 1 Media declare launching a new joint project - satellite channel Kvartal TV. This project will be implemented within the framework of long-term strategic partnership. Previously, the channel launching is scheduled for August 2016. Kvartal TV is an entertainment channel, aimed at a younger audience with a sense of humor and active lifestyle. The target audience of the channel are viewers of 14-49 years. A list of programs broadcasted on the Kvartal TV will be formed of products, which are the most popular in Ukraine and in the world, movies and TV shows, animation projects of Studio Kvartal 95, as well as specially purchased content of western manufacturers. The main content of Kvartal TV consists of television projects of national production. Broadcast format is Full HD. Such loved by millions of viewers and consistently rated programs as ‘Vecherniy Kvartal’, ‘The Laughter League’, ‘Vecherniy Kiev’, ‘Country U’, ‘Baking News’, ‘Crack Them Up’, TV series ‘The In-Laws’, ‘Servant of the People’, ‘ Folks’ and many others will be available to viewers around the clock broadcast without commercial breaks. "In Kvartal 95 the emergence of satellite TV channel Kvartal TV is one more step towards the audience in Ukraine and around the world. Finally we will get our own TV channel. In the library of the Studio Kvartal 95 there are more than a thousand hours of projects of its own production, loved by the audience. We are actively working, shooting new movies and TV series, doing TV shows and animation to continue delighting and surprising our audience. Therefore, we try to build a strong contact with it using all resources and platforms possible: in broadcasting we cooperate with the TV channel 1 + 1; in the Internet we are available in all video hosting sites, and for several years we are developing our own YouTube-channel. We meet with our audience at concerts. Now products of Kvartal 95 are also in the cable networks. We believe in the potential of this project, we are convinced that approved international experience of ‘pay-TV’ will eventually become habitual for Ukrainian viewers, who can watch an interesting and high-quality content without ads. We want Kvartal TV to become watched by the whole world, all of our audiences, wherever they may be. We are already knocking on their doors, so see you in the air of Kvartal TV!", - says Vladimir Zelensky, CEO and creative producer of Kvartal 95. General Director of 1 +1 Media Alexander Tkachenko says, "We are excited about the new horizons that had been becoming open during many years of our fruitful cooperation with Kvartal 95. Launching a channel Kvartal TV is a new level, because now the leading company of producing content has its own channel, and we will use those developments and opportunities that already exist in the experience of channel group 1 + 1 media from the point of view of the signal distribution, packaging the product and its promotion to the audience. Using the synergy of one of the best producers of content in the post-Soviet space, as well as technological and marketing capabilities of 1 + 1 media, we are confident that the channel Kvartal TV has serious prospects and chances to get his appreciative audience."