26 July 2016

Last Sunday in Latvia finished the first festival of Ukrainian humor and music «Made in Ukraina» organized by Kvartal 95. It was the first time such a huge Ukrainian festival was organized by the Ukrainians on the Baltic Coast. Latvians and visitors who came specially for the festival from many European countries - Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and others  - gathered full house in famous concert hall Dzintari.

Shows "Vecherniy Kvartal "and "Humour Cup " that have been popular in Ukraine for a many years won the hearts of the residents of Riga and Jurmala.

The festival opened with a big concert in the historic center of the capital of Latvia - the City Hall Square. In front of the stage gathered a few thousand people meeting actors of Kvartal and the most popular Ukrainian musicians.

"Vecherniy Kvartal. The Best" opened the festival program in Jurmala. Actors of Kvartal performed with their best jokes from concerts, but also have they specially prepared new sketches with a local touch. The musical part of the concert was represented by Tina Karol, Potap and Mozgi, Olya Polyakova, as well as the bands TIK and DZIDZIO. Kvartal`s humor turned up to be as close to Latvians as to Ukrainians.

 And hit of Kvartal, the song "I love my homeland", raised the whole auditorium. Thousands of people clapped to the beat of the famous song.

Concert-competition "Humour  League. Summer Cup” delighted the audience with freshness and novelty of the format of humor. The audience in the hall actively supported their favorite teams by thunderous applause. And even Ukrainian-speaking team "V.I.P.Ternopol" with its charisma was actively supported by the audience. Good humor has no boundaries and barriers.

The final day of the festival which took place in the musical-comedy format was presented to the audience by Kvartal actors and showman, producer and musician Alexey Potapenko. During the concert "Yurmaleto” the best hits of Ukrainian musicians were interspersing with witty dialogs of presenters, who often went off the stage and spoke directly to the audience. It was a big three-hour show by the best Ukrainian musicians and comedians. All musicians performed live - Jamala, Ruslana, Tina Karol, Pianoboy, Olya Polyakova, TIK, DZIDZIO, VV, Machete, Potap and Mozgi project, Vremya I Steklo.

Ukrainian ethno fair, which took place over three days at Jomas, the central street of Jurmala, aroused great interest among the residents and guests of the resort town. During the fair  master classes of cooking and choreography, glass-blowing and pottery took place. A master class of hopak, Ukrainian national dance, was very popular among the visitors. After lessons of cooking borsch, lazy vareniki and nalistniki (Ukrainian stuffed pancakes) everyone could taste them. The organizers and cooks were treating all the lucky who at that moment was at the fair for free. By the way, the 20-liter pot of Ukrainian borsch was eaten in half an hour – there were a lot of volunteers to enjoy this borsch from Ukrainian chefs.

Solokha and her godfather, a colorful couple in Ukrainian national costumes, also were very popular. During all three days they sang songs, told Ukrainian jokes, treated all the people with Ukrainian salo, black bread and gorilka. Visitors of the fair were taking photos with Solokha and talked to her.

A concert stage at the fair was the center of attention several times a day. Famous Ukrainian musicians performed there - the bands TIK, DZIDZIO and Vopli Vidoplyasova. All generations were dancing there – children, and teenagers, and people of more advanced age. There was also an exhibition of authentic Ukrainian costumes, the age of which is more than 100 years, from the collection of the honored teacher of Ukraine Maria Semenova.

The majority of Ukrainian goods presented at the exhibition have been sold out already during the first day. The greatest was the demand for the ceramic tableware, vases, lamps and decorative items. A collection of clothes and accessories (tunics, dresses, T-shirts) from Ukrainian designer Marina Lirnyk was sold out quickly. Great interest was caused by the traditional embroidery and embroidered Ukrainian dresses, shawls.

But the main achievement of ethnical fair and the whole festival MADE in UKRAINA, as noted by many, was a unique atmosphere - warm, friendly and very positive - and the feeling of a real celebration.

Four eventful days of Ukraine in a friendly Latvia became a holiday of music and laughter, gathering full house. Kvartal`s landing of Ukrainian culture, music and humor on the Baltic coast has not left any guest of the festival indifferent. Ukraine has become closer and more understandable to the thousands of Europeans who visited the first festival MADE in UKRAINA in late July.