For the first time NATPE And CEETV have initiated PITCH & PLAY LIVE formats competition, which will take place during TV market NATPE EUROPE BUDAPEST (June, 27-30)
16 June 2016
For the first time NATPE And CEETV have initiated PITCH & PLAY LIVE formats competition, which will take place during TV market NATPE EUROPE BUDAPEST (June, 27-30). Two formats by Studio “Kvartal 95” got to the top 10 selected formats – it is the semifinal of PITCH & PLAY LIVE. It are “CRACK THEM UP. KIDS” And “PICK THE RIGHT BOX” (joint format of Studio Kvartal 95 and GAUDI STUDIO). For the first time NATPE And CEETV have initiated PITCH & PLAY LIVE formats competition, which will take place during TV market NATPE EUROPE BUDAPEST (June, 27-30). The aim of the initiative is searching for new original TV formats from Central and Eastern Europe, with potential for international distribution. In PITCH & PLAY LIVE competition program can participate formats premiered on TV no earlier than June 1, 2015. Projects were judged by world experts in television business: Endemol Shine Group, All3Media International, CBS Studios International, Armoza Formats, ITV Inter Medya, Modern Times Group and TVBIZZ Group. Two projects of Studio "Kvartal 95" got to the top ten selected formats - in the semifinal of the competition PITCH & PLAY LIVE: “Crack Them Up. Kids” and “Pick the Right Box” - a joint format of Studio " Kvartal 95 "and Gaudi Studio. All in all, five Ukrainian projects got to the top ten. Also TV formats from five countries were selected: Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania and Russia. “Crack Them Up. Kids” aired in the broadcast channel" 1 + 1 "in April 2016. Presenters of the show are Nastya Kamenskih, Vladimir Zelensky and Evgeny Koshevoy. “Crack Them Up. Kids” is a humorous entertaining talent show, in which young participants between the ages of 5 to 13 years will win a large sum of money if they crack up jurors. Their task is during 1 minute to come up with any performance of original genre, making smile at least one of the two members of the jury. If this happens, the participant will receive a cash fee of the show for the first round. Then he has to choose whether to go to the next round and get the opportunity to earn a much larger sum of money, or not to participate, but to pick up the money already earned. If in the next round he fails to make the jury smile, he loses all previously-earned money. Participants of the show are full of childish behavior and sincerity in emotion than can disarm not only two experienced comedians from the jury, but the audience in the studio, which is very hearty about what is happening on stage. The structure of each issue includes diaries of the young participants, with them telling about their families, hobbies and talents, as well as the brightest moments of the qualifying casting of the project. Project format “Pick the Right Box” produced jointly by Studio "Kvartal 95" and Gaudi Studio is an entertainment show premiered in the broadcast channel "1 + 1" in August 2015. Eugene Koshevoy and Ksenia Sobchak are its presenters. “Pick the Right Box” is an entertaining show in which ordinary people are competing with stars in four categories: science, sports, singing and dancing. In each of the categories participants will face a very strong star, a real pro in the topic. Stars are hidden in the colored boxes. The player opens the box of the category in which he feels most confident. And if he wins a star, he will open more boxes at random. The player's task is to win the maximum number of categories. In each new round box cost increases several times. How much money each participant will receive depends not only on the skill and efforts, but also on the jury and the audience in the studio. If a participant loses, he loses all the money collected during previous rounds. After any winning round the player can stop the game and pick up the money earned. Qualifying commission of the competition is now voting for the three formats, which will become finalists of PITCH & PLAY LIVE. Voting results will be announced in the coming days. Companies, whose formats will get to the final, will present their projects to the jury on June 29 during the NATPE Europe in Budapest. In turn, the expert jury will choose the winner from three finalists. The jury consists of three media experts: Okan Kang, CEO and President of ITV Inter Medya, Amos Neumann, Managing Director of Armoza Formats and Girts Litsis, Director in Central and Eastern Europe, Formats & Content Development in Modern Times Group. For reference: NATPE (National Association of Television Production) is the organizer of the largest television market in Central and Eastern Europe NATPE Budapest. CEETV is the largest media resource that specializes in TV and TV content market in Central and Eastern Europe, which is part of TVBIZZ Group and NATPE. CEETV is the organizer of the most significant TV market in the region - NATPE Europe in Budapest.