The second season of Ukrainian Humor Championship starts in the beginning of 2016
25 December 2015
From January, 22 all willing humorous teams would be able to try their hand on The Laughter League festival. It will take place in Odessa, a capital of humor. Each team previously registered on 1+1 TV channel website will be able to fight for the participation in the second season of the project and to receive its own mentor in The Laughter League. The festival consists of several tours. Only the best teams will manage to get to the Gala Concert, which will take place on January, 30. During the Gala concert the permanent jury consisting of Elena Kravets, Potap, Anton Lirnik, Igor' Lastochkin, Yuriy Gorbunov and Sergey Sivokho will choose two teams, which they will supervise till the end of the season. For the festival participants are supposed to prepare their very best of jokes. The Gala Concert will take place on January, 30 in the Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy of M. Vodyanoy. Vladimir Zelenskiy is the host of The Laughter League, and it's chief editor is Andrey Chivurin. To watch a new season of Ukrainian Humor Championship you can buy tickets on the website of Kvartal Concert.