This Friday, on November, 20 on the air of “Vecherniy Kiev” (“Kiev in the Evening”) Vladimir Zelensky and Valeriy Zhidkov will meet guests from Moscow
19 November 2015
Their old friends – Tatiana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats – were invited to Kiev by Kvartal, but it was hard to call that meeting friendly. At their first day here a couple was spoofed by “Vecherniy Kiev” team. According to the script of the practical joke, Tatiana and Mikhail were taken out to the Birthday party of their friend Sergey Sivokho. Unsuspecting guys went to a country house, where a festive table had already been set. It all started airily and light-heartedly, but finished with chase and shooting. What happened in Sivokho's house and why a couple was to run away, we'll see tomorrow in “Vecherniy Kiev” at 20.00 on “1+1” channel. In spite of the stress our heroes were going through, in the studio of “Vecherniy Kiev” they looked back smilingly. Tatiana even appeared in the studio as a new member of Freedom Jazz and sang a song together with the band trying to spoof her husband. Vladimir and Valeriy didn't let dear friends go away light-handed and gave them a food set of products forbidden in Russia. To cross the frontier without let or hindrance masters coached our guests how to talk to frontier guard hiding goods under clothing.