"Kvartal 95" and "1 + 1" TV channel launch the online project "Comic. Kids"

The funniest videos will be shown on Kvartal TV

And the winners will be invited to the TV project "Crack them up. Kids" 


Everyone knows that children are our pride and joy. And sometimes they can be so funny! In the first days of spring "Kvartal 95" and "1 + 1" launch the online project "Comic. Kids". We are looking for videos with a timing of up to 1 minute where children between 3 and 14 y.o. amuse, move and make us smile. The main criterion for selection - the content of the video should be funny. And it should be authentic - shot by the participants or their friends/relatives . The best videos will be shown on our channel Kvartal TV.

The jury will consist of the producers of the TV projects “Crack Them Up” and “Crack Them Up.Kids”.  The finalists of the month will be chosen by Vladimir Zelensky and Evgeny Koshevoy – the hosts of the original show.

The project starts on March 10 - the day of the premiere of the new season of "Crack them up. Kids" on “1+1”.

Official rules for participation in the project are published on "Kvartal 95" website. Videos can be filmed with any suitable device - camera, mobile phone or tablet. Timing should not exceed 60 seconds. The address for sending videos: [email protected]

After the preliminary selection the videos will be published on the official pages of "Kvartal 95" and "1+1" channel in social networks with hashtag  #komikdity. Those videos that collect the majority of likes in a week will become finalists of the project. Winners will be chosen among all the finalists by Vladimir Zelensky and Evgeny Koshevoy. These videos will be shown on our channel Kvartal TV.