About us
Kvartal 95
Founded in 2003, KVARTAL 95 has established itself as an industry-leading company providing a full range of services in the production of TV programs and format shows, TV films and series, feature films and animation projects with regularly high ratings. Our company is the leading provider of entertainment TV content in CEE.

At the same time KVARTAL 95 has developed many other successful products and now we have several divisions including: 

  • production of TV projects and formats
  • production of TV films and series
  • production of feature films
  • 95 Animation Studio
  • promo and distribution of all own projects
  • organization of concerts and festivals (in Ukraine and overseas)
  • concert tickets operator
  • organization of events
  • creation of commercials (ideas and production), developing design concepts
  • script writers team
  • own TV and internet channel

Our Vecherniy Kvartal TV show is the most popular entertainment project on Ukrainian TV since it started 11 years ago and nothing can beat it.

One of our most popular television projects has been the comedy series The In-Laws (Svaty) – 6 seasons – which had unprecedented success not only in Ukraine but also outside the country. The series 3 times was voted as the best Ukrainian comedy TV Series in Ukraine with highest TV ratings. In 2012-2014, the series was nominated in Monte Carlo Television Festival as the series viewed by the largest audience on five continents, reaching the top three positions in the comedy category along with the Desperate Housewives and The Big Bang Theory.

Our latest TV series Servant of the People became a TV ratings champ of the season in Ukraine, was sold to different countries in Eastern Europe so far and is on the way to conquering the world.

Our TV formats (Crack Them Up, Go Dance!, Claim to Meladze) have been successfully sold to dozens of countries.

All movies, produced by KVARTAL 95 dominate box offices in all CIS countries overtaking Hollywood blockbusters. In 2011 we produced the first 3D Ukrainian comedy Rzhevskiy vs Napoleon. The drama I’ll be Nearby received the Grand Prix of the largest Russian Film Festival Kinotavr in 2012. Our latest comedy 8 Best Dates became the box office leader among all Ukrainian films ever produced.

95 Animation Studio with over 130 animation specialists that can produce up to 76 minutes of animation per week. Its 400m2 Motion Capture pavilion with 36 cameras is one of the largest and advanced on territory of post-soviet countries. We also have come up with several innovative animation products.

Kvartal 95, with more than 100 writers on board is an unstoppable machine producing comedy and entertainment content, investing in new cutting-edge formats and gathering the best talents around.

Every year, when Forbes Magazine makes the List of the Most Successful Showbiz Companies in Ukraine, Kvartal 95 tops the rating.

“Our ambitious objective, - Vladimir Zelensky, co-founder and creative producer of Kvartal 95 says, - is to make the world a better place, a kinder and more joyful place with help of those tools that we have , that is humor and creativity. We are moving towards this goal, trying to conquer the whole world, of course ;)”