Humour Cup
Humour Cup
since 2015
humor, competition
Number of episodes
10 episodes in a season, 2nd season in production
150 minutes
The Humour Cup is a national humor championship, that starts with a qualifying festival. The participants of the championship are: young people organized into the groups (teams), the judges (concurrently – team coaches), showbiz celebrities, and the host. It's a shoot-out-style game, where there is only one winner and in a situation of controversy the leader is defined by "the battle". The quantity of the contestants is unlimited, but only 12 teams start the Season and in the end two finalist teams meet in the final round. The panel of 6 judges, well-known celebrities, declare a winner of each battle concurrently guiding two selected teams as coaches. “Coach-Team” selection is made by the following principle: if the judge (coach) gives preference to a certain team, he (she) expresses his (her) interest by giving a standing ovation during their performance, at the same time illuminating special light box under his (her) chair. If more than one coach is interested in one team, the latter have the right to decide which coach they prefer. The Season is divided into 7 games: two games of 1/8 final, two games of ¼ final, two games of ½ final and the final game. There is also a summer Festival as a special bonus. In the game of 1/8 final each team completes an assignment on a specified theme along with celebrity coach as an assistant. The judges evaluate the performance of the team by rising from their chairs, which counts as 1 point. Since coaches do not have the right to vote for his (her) team, only 5 jury members declare the winner of each game by awarding points to the teams. According to that, the maximum number of points is 5. After the primary game, teams that are placed in the lowest part of the standings play “the battle” game. The team that loses the battle, leaves the contest. Each following part of the game is getting more complicated due to the adjustments in the contest rules: increasing the number and intensity of the competitions (more assignments, more “battles”). The team that gained the most number of points becomes a winner.