Claim to Fame in VIA Gra
Claim to Fame in VIA Gra
musical reality talent show
Number of episodes
90 minutes
Production: Kvartal 95 and Gaudi Studio Hosts: Vladimir Zelenskiy and Vera Brezhneva ‘Claim to Fame in VIA Gra’ is a large-scale entertaining reality talent show - a revival of a once famous (pop) group that fell apart – a contest for new members under the surveillance of a famous producer. The most successful CIS producer Konstantin Meladze is looking for girls to collect a new composition of the popular group ‘VIA Gra’. This unique project opens behind the scenes of show business and tells all the secrets of this industry: is it real for a talented girl without influential protégé to break into the scene? How to make these divas from provincials? And what do these girls have to sacrifice in exchange for success and glory? All the contenders go through several tours. Their everyday life becomes the property of millions - the camera does not turn off even for a minute. The show "Claim to Fame in VIA Gra” consists of real life with its envy, strife, betrayal, intrigue, triumph of victory and the bitterness of the falls. Throughout the show the spectators vote for their favorites. It is the viewer, not the producer, who will choose the new composition of the legendary group.